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Columbia officials prepare for winter storm


Officials in Missouri are making preparations for a winter storm that’s expected to hit Columbia during the morning commute Thursday.

The National Weather Service says the storm, which already has dumped inches of snow and rain out West and across the plains states, is projected to bring at least two to four inches of snow accumulation and up to two tenths of an inch of ice in Columbia and surrounding areas.

Steve Sapp, spokesman for the City of Columbia Public Works department, says while there is uncertainty about what exactly the storm will bring, he is confident the city is prepared to handle the aftermath of the approaching storm system.

“Within our plan is a lot of flexibility so that we can start small and then ramp up to be as large as we need to be until we hit that ceiling, and that’s really not expected with this storm.”

Sapp adds that city trucks will begin pre-treating the roads with a brine solution this afternoon that will lower the melting point on roadways in order to stifle ice formation and slick conditions.

The National Weather Service’s winter storm warning for Columbia begins at 6 a.m. Thursday.

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