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KBIA Overall Excellence Entry for 2014 Edward R Murrow Awards

KBIA Overall Excellence entry for 2014 Edward R. Murrow Awards

If you click on the primary submission link, you will find the audio for KBIA’s entry to the Overall Excellence category. The stories are as follows (arranged by timecode on the submission). Please follow the accompanying links to see the web build-outs for these stories, and in some cases, links to the full-length stories, as some where edited down for time for this entry.

00:00–03:26 Memorial service honors firefighter Lt. Bruce Britt: http://kbia.org/post/memorial-service-honors-firefighter-lt-bruce-britt

03:27-07:23 Part 2: In Nevada, healthy change starts with 'bleeps' and 'bloops' http://kbia.org/post/part-2-nevada-healthy-change-starts-bleeps-and-bloops This is part two of a five part series, which you can find here: http://kbia.org/topic/healthy-nevada

07:24-14:45 Youth in Ferguson: "I want more for my city than what it is now" http://kbia.org/post/youth-ferguson-i-want-more-my-city-what-it-now

14:46-29:37 Heartland, Missouri http://kbia.org/post/heartland-missouri This is a shortened version of the story, as the full half hour story would have taken up too much of our submission. Nothing has been added to the story, just subtracted.

29:38-33:10 As Missouri considers 72-hour abortion wait time, a look at other states' laws (make sure to click on the interactive graphic): http://kbia.org/post/missouri-considers-72-hour-abortion-wait-time-look-other-states-laws-interactive-graphic This is a shortened version of the story, cut off about half way through to make room for more stories in the entry.

33:11-36:42 Making a connection with the Big Muddy while cleaning it up http://kbia.org/post/making-connection-big-muddy-while-cleaning-it

36:43-38:26 Missouri: State of Obesity http://kbia.org/post/intersection-missouri-state-obesity This is a short excerpt of a one hour show. Intersection is KBIA’s local issues talk show, and this is an example of a live taping of the show that took place in the community, allowing conversation at the end of the show as part of a live forum. For more examples of Intersection at the topics it tackles, see these links: http://kbia.org/programs/intersection-kbia-hd;     http://intersectkbia.weebly.com/

38:27-39:58 Intersection: MU football player Michael Sam comes out: http://kbia.org/post/mu-football-player-michael-sam-comes-out-why-missouri-has-shortage-mental-health-professionals  This is a short excerpt from a one hour show.

39:59-47:50 KBIA AM Newscast for Nov 5, 2014: http://kbia.org/post/am-newscast-nov-5-2014

KBIA Special Digital Projects:

The entry details asked for examples of web assets, so we wanted to share some links to projects that don’t show up on our airwaves but are produced by our newsroom.

KBIA news director Ryan Famuliner is the founder and creator of Access Missouri, which launched in November 2014. Famuliner collaborated with the MU Informatics Institute, the MU Political Science Department and the Truman School of Public Affairs to create the site. In Missouri, there is a significant amount of information about the state legislature that is almost completely unsearchable on state government sites, because of the way it is stored – almost exclusively on .pdfs as daily journals. Before this project, getting comprehensive information on basic legislative action - a legislator’s voting records, attendance, bill sponsorship information, etc. - required hours of research spent poring through these documents.

Importantly, Missouri is the only state in the country that has no limits on individual campaign contributions or lobbyist gifts. There is significant need for awareness of the flow of money in state politics, and for the press and public to serve as watchdogs. This project opens up that information, creating a whole new level of transparency to the public. It can also inform reporting in completely new ways, opening current and archival data up for detailed analysis.

This is the link to the main site: http://www.accessmissouri.org/

And here are links to examples of some of the interesting features Famuliner directed developers to create to highlight important information in the data:




Development of the Access Missouri continues, and more will be added in the months and years to come.

Como Explained is a hyper-local podcast that explained local news issues and also took on fun topics to engage the digital audience. This show is produced solely for the digital space and does not air on KBIA 91.3: http://kbia.org/programs/como-explained

“True/False Conversations” is a series of interviews with directors of documentaries that screen at the world-renown “True False Film Festival” in Columbia. The interviews are posted online in the weeks before the festival begins: http://kbia.org/programs/truefalse-conversations

Ryan served as the KBIA News Director from February 2011 to September 2023