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Newton County Uses CARES Act Funds To Provide Telemedicine To Local Schools

City Limits Sign in Neosho
City Limits Sign in Neosho
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The coronavirus pandemic has shaken up at least two routine activities for kids: school and visits to the doctor. But soon, kids in Newton County will be able to do both at once.

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Newton County commissioners are putting CARES Act federal funding toward an initiative by Freeman Neosho Hospital to use telemedicine in all five of the county’s school districts. 

Here’s how it works: schools will get a mobile telemedicine cart full of medical equipment school nurses will use to help Freeman medical providers outside the school examine students. Children won’t even need to leave the nurse’s office. 

According to Freeman, the equipment allows medical staff to listen to the heart, lungs, and abdomen of students, and a specialized “dermascope” to examine for skin conditions and minor injuries. Parents must give consent before a telemedicine visit and they have the option to attend the visit via Zoom. 

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Josh Conaway is a second year student at Missouri State University studying political science and Spanish. He works as news reporter and announcer for KSMU. His favorite part of working for KSMU is meeting a wide variety of interesting people for stories. He has a passion for history and running.