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Amazon distribution center set to open in Ashland later this year

Construction on a new Amazon distribution center is underway at the Cartwright Business & Technology Park in Ashland.

The center is set to open within the next couple of months.

The site plan proposal says there's space for 300 parking spots.

"Well if you have 300 trucks, what does that mean? 300 drivers," Ashland Mayor Richard Sullivan said. "So that's exciting because that means tons of new jobs not only for, potentially for Ashland, but for central Missouri, for Columbia."

The mayor said he hopes more jobs brought to the area will bring more opportunities for developments in other parts of the community.

"The benefits just trickle down. If this new distribution warehouse brings in new workers and potentially new people who move into our community," Sullivan said. "Hopefully they'll come to Ashland, we want them to come to Ashland."

The mayor said he hopes the center will attract people to restaurants in the area and increase sales tax revenue.

The new center comes as the nation faces a shortage in commercial drivers and increased supply chain issues.

"Hiring individuals and the workforce supply of workers is just not there," Sullivan said.

The center is months out from completion so the mayor said he hopes the shortage gets a little bit better.

"My hope would be that we are further along, that we start to recover economically within our community and ultimately our whole country, and that the workforce starts to see a supply of workers who want to get back into careers and make an honest living to support their family, and in result support their community," Sullivan said.

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