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House committee debates bill that would limit what educators can teach

Meiying Wu / KBIA

Legislation that would affect what Missouri educators choose to teach their students was heavily debated by a House committee Tuesday.

Representative Shamed Dogan says his bill would “keep schools from forcing teachers to teach ideologically charged theories on race.”

If passed, it would allow people to sue educators who they feel violate this act.

Kirkwood parent Heather Luby spoke against the bill saying that it makes it difficult for teachers to know what they are or aren’t allowed to teach.

“It seems that the states intend on using this language to intimidate our teachers to a point of silence. There is no avenue that leads to knowledge or produces critical thinking that is constrained by the constant threat of legal action or loss of livelihood,” said Luby.

Representative Derek Grier debated with Luby. He spoke in favor of the bill saying it would give parents more choices.

“We have good teachers and not so good teachers. Parents ought to have the ability to choose which teachers teach their kids," said Grier.

The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has previously said its schools are not teaching academic concepts similar to Critical Race Theory.

Xcaret Nuñez studies radio/television journalism and religious studies at the University of Missouri — Columbia.