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JC school board votes to adopt new boundary lines at Monday night meeting

The Jefferson City School Board voted to approve scenario A to redraw school boundary lines at its meeting Monday night.

The scenario moves 536 students from their original schools.

“Scenario A makes the most sense to me because it meets the majority of the criteria items and disrupts the least number of families on a short term basis," one board member said at the meeting.

The scenario will go into place next school year. It will put students who attend West Elementary school in a feeder system. Some kids will move to Lewis and Clark Middle School, and some would move to Thomas Jefferson Middle School.

The move could potentially split them up from their friends.

Natalie Abbott, a Jefferson City mother of five kids, is worried about the approval of scenario A because it would split up kids when they get to middle school.

"I think that one [scenario A] is my own personal least favorite, it's the only one that has a feeder split and I think that it's most impactful," Abbott said.

For Abbott's kids Ezra Abbott and Silias Abbott, they might have to leave some friendships and memories.

“One of the things you do in school is you make friends and you use them as a stable connection in your life," Ezra said.

Silias said he might have to leave his friends Clayton and Jack.

“Jack he is just very generous he gave me my best card that I now have," Silias said.

The decision comes after the Abbott family and many other West Elementary School parents have petitioned for months for scenario c instead. Natalie Abbott said she thinks would've been the best choice. Now, West Elementary school students will have to deal with several years of feeder splits.

“There’s a lot of unhappy families at West school because of the feeder split," she said.

Board members said they made the decision they thought moved the least number of kids away from their schools.

They also voted to approve a grandfather clause. The clause keeps next year's fifth, eighth, eleventh and twelfth grade students from having to go through the split and leave their friends.

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