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Vox Magazine's May "Behind the Issue"

Photo Illustration by Shulei Jiang
Vox Magazine

In this month’s Behind the Issue, Art Director Moy Zhong and Managing Editor Evan Musil spoke about a few of this month’s standout stories with Culture Editor Marisa Whitaker.

Vox Magazine is Columbia’s connection to what’s happening in our city, providing perspective on the news and culture people are talking about.

Work culture: What's changing

"I think it'll be good for readers to see – as young college kids going into the workforce –  the landscape is totally different from what we saw growing up on TV.

As you said... expressing ourselves with like tattoos and dyed hair. So, as that lens keeps changing, how is it going to be like – whenever we enter the workforce?"

Vietnam veteran blows bubbles because they're 'zen'

"If you've literally ever walked on Broadway on a weekend or on a really nice day out, you can't tell me you haven't seen Don Jourdan blowing bubbles.

Don is just so openly passionate and just caring and, you know, he's blowing bubbles because he just genuinely wants people to smile and make people happy."

Some other stories to check out from the May issue:

Moy Zhong is a senior at the University of Missouri studying journalism. She is currently the Art Director at KBIA's partner organization, Vox Magazine, and a producer on KBIA's "Missouri on Mic."
Rebecca Smith is an award-winning reporter and producer for the KBIA Health & Wealth Desk. Born and raised outside of Rolla, Missouri, she has a passion for diving into often overlooked issues that affect the rural populations of her state – especially stories that broaden people’s perception of “rural” life.