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Vox Magazine's November "Behind the Issue"

Amy Schaffer/Missourian
Vox Magazine
Ben Thomas throws an empty bag of minerals into the back of his UTV as one of his Hereford cows crowds around the remaining bags of feed on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022, at Thomas’s farm in Trenton, Mo. Thomas attributes the cattle industry’s economic decline largely to the Mandatory Country of Origin Labeling, a piece of legislation requiring grocery stores to label the country of origin of their produce. He said it has led companies to stamp beef from foreign countries as “made in the USA.” “Nobody likes being lied to,” Thomas said. “It’s an American-last type of policy.”

The November issue of Vox Magazine is out on newsstands and online today.

In this episode of Behind the Issue, Art Director Moy Zhong and Audience Engagement Editor Katelynn McIlwain sat down with editor Jordan Thornsberry to talk about some of the issue's standout stories.

Vox Magazine is Columbia's connection to what's happening in our city, providing perspective on the news and culture people are talking about.

Inflation drives a cattle crisis for Missouri farmers

"Where I live, there are not many cattle left," farmer Ben Thomas says. "People— they're done fighting the fight."

Lean on me: Columbia's helpers who keep us happy and healthy

In our own neighborhood, we remember Mr. Rogers' advice to look for the helpers. These people, the social worker, the librarian, the recovery organization, the steward and the facility dog— spread a message of helpfulness, kindness and joy in our community.

Collecting the Squish squad: Columbians wrap their arms around Squishmallows

"Every person has a different reason, but mine is just the satisfaction that comes from being a collector," Aria Garcia says. "The reason I do this is to be happy."

Halle Jackson is a senior in the Missouri School of Journalism studying cross-platform editing and producing.
Moy Zhong is a senior at the University of Missouri studying journalism. She is currently the Art Director at KBIA's partner organization, Vox Magazine, and a producer on KBIA's "Missouri on Mic."
Katelynn McIlwain is a graduate student at the University of Missouri. She produces stories and anchors for KBIA.