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“Everything I Own” by Ken Boothe and Bread

Podcast Cover - Cover Story with Stephanie Shonekan
Podcast Cover - Cover Story with Stephanie Shonekan

Today’s episode takes us right back to the 1970s - both in the US, where the band Bread recorded their 1972 hit song “Everything I Own.”

Fast-forward just two years later to 1974, and “Everything I Own” was recorded by Jamaican music artist Ken Boothe.

And when we are talking 1970s Jamaica, we have to hear from Cover Story friend, author and professor Sheri-Marie Harrison.

Professor Harrison is Jamaican and this song takes her back to memories that she and host Stephanie Shonekan both have from their youth, growing up - Sheri in Jamaica and Stephanie, in Nigeria - in places very far from our studios where we were recording and working at the time of this conversation, in Columbia, Missouri.

Stephanie Shonekan and Sheri-Marie Harrison talked about how this song is all about the idea of: Home. Enjoy this conversation!

Cover Story is a podcast that uncovers the covers — that is, the stories, meanings, and histories behind our most classic songs. Each episode features host and musicologist Stephanie Shonekan and one guest. Together they take one classic song, two popular renditions, and discuss: Who did it better, and why?

This season’s episodes feature The Four Tops vs. Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen vs. Rage Against the Machine, Ken Boothe vs. Bread, Otis Redding vs. Aretha Franklin, and Fantasia Barrino vs. Cynthia Erivo.

This is a show about the music we love. But the conversations uncover intimate stories about our own personal connections with the songs. Cover Story with Stephanie Shonekan reconnects us with great music and the diverse perspectives, histories, and identities of the artists and the fans who enjoy that music.

Cover Story with Stephanie Shonekan is produced by Janet Saidi, Ryan Famuliner, Aaron Hay, and Stephanie Shonekan. This season was edited by Aaron Hay and Ryan Famuliner.

This podcast is a collaboration between KBIA and Vox Magazine, with funding from the University of Maryland College of Arts and Humanities, MU’s College of Arts & Science, and the Missouri School of Journalism.  

You can follow the podcast and other special projects on Twitter at @VoxMag, and @KBIA, and on Instagram at @voxmagazine and @kbianews. 

“Cover Story with Stephanie Shonekan” Season 1 was produced by Janet Saidi, Kristofor Husted, Fernando Narro, Rehman Tungekar, and Ryan Famuliner, with host and producer Stephanie Shonekan. Season One was edited by Rehman Tungekar and Ryan Famuliner.

Cover Story - Season 2 Music Historypodcast
Janet Saidi is a producer and professor at KBIA and the Missouri School of Journalism.
Ryan served as the KBIA News Director from February 2011 to September 2023
Aaron worked as a full-time on-air host at KBIA from 2017 to 2022. He continues as the Managing Producer on High Turnout Wide Margins.