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Murrow Awards Podcast Entry - KBIA and 'High Turnout Wide Margins'

High Turnout Wide Margins is a podcast by election administrators for election administrators that explores the day-to-day of election administration, but also seeks to fight disinformation by educating the American public on how their electoral system truly works.

The podcast is rooted in civic education and professional development. It's given local election officials a platform to share their best practices, identify challenges that currently exist in the system and provide perspective about how elections are run across the country and around the world. No other podcast approaches elections or civic engagement from the viewpoint of election administrators and we think it has the potential to fill a niche in the public discourse about American democracy.

In the selection of audio provided, listeners learn about the threats of physical violence that local election officials deal with regularly, as well as how their offices have to prepare for these worst-case scenarios. Listeners also hear the personal reflections of an official in a very rural Missouri district – who comes from a long line of election workers. And finally, listeners hear from Jamie Shew in Kansas about how they are working to make their elections even more secure.

Above you can find the audio that makes up the submission for this category. Below you will see time codes to denote where each episode selection begins and ends, with links to the original episode posts. You will hear short beeps to denote the separation between pieces.

[0:0.000 - 10:49.617] S2E26: Reflecting on a Family Legacy of Election Administration with Miller County, Missouri’s Clinton Jenkins

[10:49.617 - 24:47.344] S3E5 - Reimagining Inventory Management with Jamie Shew in Douglas County, Kansas

[24:47.344 - 29:57.799] S2E21 – Preventing Physical Harassment & Violence Against Election Officials with Kathy Boockvar

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