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Here's what time the eclipse will be visible in Missouri

NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio - eclipse path on Monday, April 8, 2024
NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio

This tool from NASA allows you to get your exact window to see Monday's eclipse; all you need is your ZIP code.

Monday April 8, a solar eclipse will cross from Texas to Maine, putting over 30 million people in the path of totality, with a partial eclipse visible briefly for millions more.

What is totality and why does it matter? Totality in the U.S. starts around 1:30 pm CT/2:30 ET and continues til 2:30 pm CT/3:30 pm ET lasting for a few minutes in each location.

The folks at NASA have a detailed breakdown for anyone in the U.S. just pop in your zip code.

If you're lucky enough to find yourself in the path of totality, you can also find a minute by minute breakdown of when totality begins in your area, here.

Solar eclipse 2024: Follow the path of totality

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