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MU to conduct diversity survey

The Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative at MU will be conducting new research to improve the climate for diversity on campus. This new phase of the study will use an online survey to reach all members of the community. Project director Roger Worthington says this year’s study differs from past version.

“There are a number of different aspects of the study that are a little bit new," Worthington said.  "Including people investment in the institution as a place to learn and work, as well as people interaction with other people, who are different from them across different identity group characteristic.”

Worthington says the study is open to anybody at MU. He encourages students, faculty and staff to complete the online survey, which will be open until the first week of May.

Beginning in 2001, the Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative’s project has completed 6 phases and provided more than 100 recommendations to MU community.