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Award winning playwright writes for MU Theatre Department

                The MU Theatre Department enlisted an award winning playwright to write a play for their fall performance. 

         Caridad Svich is an OBIE (Off Broadway) Lifetime Achievement winner and the writer of The Orphan Sea, the play she wrote just for the MU Theatre Department. 

         An MU professor and the director of The Orphan Sea, Kevin Brown says he simply asked Svich over email to help with the production of a play at MU.  He says it was not originally planned for her to write something new for the MU production.

         “We continued to talk and brainstorm and decided that it would be great if she could write a new play for us here in Columbia.  And then I was able in the meantime to secure a grant through The Missouri Arts Council.”

         Brown was able to get a grant from The Missouri Arts Council that not only helped commission the play, but also brought Svich to Columbia twice.  She came once in September for workshops and rehearsals with the actors and then for the opening of the play on November 12th

         Svich says this experience has been unique and special for her as well.

         "I think the process for me has been very open, very trusting.  I also love the freedom and challenge to be able to create something with young actors in an environment that is completely nurturing. "

         The Orphan Sea will run from November 12-16.