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Columbia says no to multi-space parking meters

The City of Columbia Public Works Department recently decided to end the trial period for multi-space parking meters on Ninth Street from between Broadway and Locust. The department says the hi-tech meters were met with complaints from users.

The multi-space meters were initially set up to test different methods of payment for parking. In addition to coins, the meters allowed parkers to pay by credit card, E-Z charge or cell phone. The Downtown Parking Task Force began the machines’ trial about two months ago.

The city’s Public Works Department spokesperson, Jill Stedem, says the department made its decision after many difficulties with the machines occurred.

“People didn’t want to wait in line for paying for their machines. They didn’t like having to walk to the two machines to make their payment for their parking spaces. And then we also had problems with it accepting coins and the machines jamming.”

Stedem says the department will continue testing the 40 single-space meters on Ninth Street that allow for credit card, debit card and cell phone payment until the end of May.