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True False Fest is like Christmas for CoMo businesses

True False Film Festival

Some downtown Columbia business owners are saying their businesses saw some of the biggest crowds they've ever had during last weekend's True False Film Fest. And some business owners are already considering advertising and promotion plans for next year’s festival.

This year’s festival sold a record 40,000 tickets. 

Main Squeeze owner Leigh Lockhart says she had a line that formed out the door throughout the week, and had one of the most exceptional weeks in terms of sales. “I’m just calculating Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - we did in three days what we would normally do in about a week,” says Lockhart

Newer business will be looking more into the festival to see figure out how they can attract more guests. U Knead Sweets owner Helena Shih says she will find out more about the festival to figure out ways to attract more moviegoers next year.

Elly’s Couture owner Elly Bethune says that she plans on becoming more involved with the festival next year: “I would really like to advertise and be a sponsor for True/False. I think maybe that will help. In the booklet they give all the attendees that say who the sponsors are, where they’re located at, and I think that would really help," says Bethune

Lockhart says that because of the booming business her restaurant received during the festival, she will be able to get a walk in cooler that will help business run more smoothly for attendants next year.

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