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Columbia will not be reimbursing American Airlines for March

American airlines

The American Airlines announced that the Columbia Regional Airport reached its revenue goal for the month of March. The City of Columbia won’t be reimbursing American Airlines after being forced to pay more than 22 thousand dollars due to slow ticket sales back in February. Columbia Public Works spokesman Steve Sapp says the airline was pleased with the initial sales after it started in February. He compared the situation to recent results from Manhattan, Kansas.

“In their first three months their fund paid out a little over two hundred thousand dollars so comparatively speaking a month and a half in we’ve paid out 22 thousand and another airport paid out about one hundred thousand so I think we are doing very well," said Sapp

Sapp says through a continued marketing campaign he expects American Airlines to mimic the expansion plan they used in Manhattan, Kansas and add more flights and destinations in the upcoming months.