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Noranda Aluminum files two complaints against Ameren Missouri

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Ameren Missouri
Photo courtesy of Ameren Missouri
Noranda Aluminum issued complaints about Ameren Missouri's earnings and rate design scheme.

Two separate complaints were filed by Noranda Aluminum against Ameren Missouri after data showed Ameren earned more than what the state allows.

Noranda representative John Parker said Ameren publicly reported to earning more than $80 million more than what is allowed by the Missouri Public Service Commission in 2012.

In one complaint, Noranda claimed Ameren is “still over earning and over collecting.” Noranda said it wants the Public Service Commission to review the data to determine where Ameren is over earning and to remedy it.

In the other complaint, Noranda contested Ameren’s rate design for its consumers. Noranda said it wants a decrease in rates for their aluminum smelter, located in New Madrid, Mo. The company said this decrease will cause no more than a 1.8 percent rate increase to other consumers.

Ameren says it believes the complaint filed by Noranda is an attempt to lower their costs by shifting them onto residential consumers and small businesses. Ameren said in a statement it plans on filing a rate case in late 2014 to “recover operating costs and investments.” The statement also claimed Noranda has the lowest rate in the state and pays 60 percent less than its residential consumers.

The Missouri Public Service Commission only allows Ameren to collect 9.8 percent of their earnings per year. Ameren must submit a Surveillance Monitoring Report to the PSC that details their earnings, but this document is classified and not available to the public.

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