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Missouri Innovation Center CEO announced

Missouri Innovation Center

The Missouri Innovation Center has appointed a new leader. The MIC hired Bill Turpin as president and CEO to take over for retiring CEO Jake Halliday June 23. 

Turpin has founded six technology startups that have created products such as applications for Windows and 3D virtual worlds used by Coca-Cola and McDonald's.

The Innovation Center runs the MU Life Sciences Business Incubator. Board Chairman David Keller believes Turpin can help improve the awareness of the work coming out of it.

“Missouri, in general, has been what we kind of call a 'flyover state' to venture capitalists and Bill’s reputation I think will garner a lot of respect being associated with the incubator,” Keller said.

Keller also said Halliday worked scientifically whereas Turpin deals more with entrepreneurial side -- a difference he says will help startup companies get their funding.

However, Turpin said it’s up to the marketplace if an entrepreneur is successful or not.

“You always have to believe you have a good idea that the marketplace wants,” Turpin said.  “Sometimes you’re successful and sometimes you’re not.”

Turpin said that’s why confidence played a big role in his career.

“I think a lot of it’s just sharing that confidence with the people there that they can do the same thing I can do.” Turpin said.  “I grew up in a small town in Missouri and I was successful and I just want to help other people feel that they can be confident to do that too.”

Turpin also said it takes a little foreshadowing and that it’s important to find a market that is small today but could be big in the future. He said he is excited to begin working with the business incubator, and as an MU graduate he said it’s nice to be home.

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