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Boonville police to test body-worn cameras

Jason Rojas

The Boonville Police Department is starting to test three different body-worn cameras with prices ranging from $350 to $800.  Bobby Welliver, the chief of police for the Boonville Police Department, said body-worn cameras will both benefit the police officers and the community.

The cameras are designed to allow the officers to have real-time documentation of video and audio of any incidents that take place. 

“We'll be able to either to substantiate or unsubstantiated any claims against police officers, or any other person while we at the scene,” Welliver said. 

The body camera testing will go until the end of October or early November.  At that time, the police department will decide which camera to use. Right now, Welliver said he has not seen any negative effects, but the new plan does have some challenges.

“I think the challenge is getting the cameras out of the field, get the officers getting used to wearing them, and coming up with a policy that is suitable, ”Welliver said.  

The Boonville Police Department is applying for a state grant to support the new policy through law enforcement.  The final decision on that grant will be made within two weeks.