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Missouri Student Association talks with MU about changing university's grading system

Jesse Hall on the University of Missouri Campus
Jesse Hall on the University of Missouri Campus

The MU Missouri Student Association has begun talks with the Faculty Council on the possibility of changing the school's grading system.

The MSA recently surveyed 700 students to find out how they feel about the existing system, which awards fractional grade points for plus or minus grades. For example a B- is worth 2.7 points, a B is worth 3 points, and a B+ is worth 3.3 points.

Fifty two percent of students interviewed in an MSA survey said they disagreed with the existing system, causing the MSA to look into a change to a flat grading system.

MSA spokesperson Zach Toombs said he believes changing the system could help give MU students an advantage.

“We think that those are both big prerogatives for the faculty to look at re-evaluating the grading system, and trying to make it more fair for students and making sure students get the credit they deserve," Toombs said.

The Faculty Council has to choose whether or not it wants to re-investigate the issue. The current plus/minus system has been in place for 15 years.