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MU Honors College graduation change draws petition

Jay Buffington
Wikimedia Commons
When the original administration building of the university burned in 1892 the columns were left standing. They stand today on Francis Quadrangle and are an iconic image of the university's Columbia campus.

Change to MU honors College tradition upsets current student and alumni. MU’s registrar has recently decided to move May’s 2013 honors graduation from Francis’s Quadrangle to Mizzou Arena.

This has prompted over 290 students to sign a petition to not bring the ceremony back to the Quadrangle.

Senior Michelle Fiesta was the founder of the petition and states that her drive to bring the ceremony back to the quadrangle roots from her first memories as a Missouri Tiger.

“I just remember running through the columns when I first got here as a freshman,” Fiesta said. “And I know I’ll run through them again when I graduate.”

The upcoming location change has also affected those who have graduated Missouri’s honors college.

Alum Amanda McCambridge said having graduation at the quad was one of her best memories of college.

McCambridge said her May-graduating sister had high expectations for her graduation

“She had watched me graduate on the quad four years ago, and was really excited to do the same,” McCambridge said. “But now she is a little bummed that she won’t have the same experience.”

The University has heard the students’ complaints and has agreed to meet with Fiesta on March 15.