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Common Core opponents rally at State Capitol

Sarah Darby

The Missouri Coalition Against Common Core and the Concerned Women for America of Missouri rallied against Common Core state school standards at the state capitol Tuesday.

Stacy Shore, a member of Missouri Coalition Against Common Core and Concerned Women For America of Missouri, said the standards limit local control, raise privacy concerns and cost money the state doesn’t have. The standards seek to make education uniform nationwide.

“We know that Common Core is horribly flawed because we see it in our children and that’s the reason we’re here today,” Shore said.

Springfield resident Cynthia Mulhall has two children still in school, and attended the rally. She said she is concerned her son, who has special needs, will suffer from a standardized education approach.

“My concern is they’re not going to give him the education that he deserves,” Mulhall said.

Gretchen Logue, co-founder of the Missouri Coalition Against Common Core said she was pleased with the turnout of the rally which was intended to support legislators in opposition to the standards.

“I am so gratified to see the moms and dads of Missouri here because they know what’s ahead,” Logue said.

So far a number of bills have been proposed in the legislature to stop Common Core. The House will host a hearing Thursday for a bill which aims to prohibit the State Board of Education for implementing the Common Core standards.