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Providence Point to become available for group events

tim wolfe
Janet Saidi
Timothy Wolfe takes questions from reporters after being introduced as the new president of the University of Missouri system.

UM system president Tim Wolfe announced Wednesday that for the first time in its 43 year history, Providence Point will be used as an event and meeting space for both university and external groups. 

Providence Point has historically been home to the UM system president and his family but Wolfe decided that he wanted to live elsewhere.  The location has always been used to entertain university guests from around the state, nation and world but will now be open to businesses and university and community groups looking for a meeting space in Columbia. 

UM System spokesperson John Fougere said, “We think it’s very important for the University of Missouri to maintain what has been a high level of recognition and prominence that Providence Point has represented over these last couple of decades". 

Despite the change, the principal purpose of Providence Point will still be official UM System events hosted by the president and his wife, but other groups can rent the location as the schedule permits.  Pricing for renting the residence vary depending on the amount of people.  University groups are given a discounted price for events. 

Fougere added that due to the uniqueness of the property, it will not be available for rental by sales or political groups, or individual use. 

Wolfe said in a press release Wednesday, "Missourians and other supporters take great pride in the residence and it is our intention to uphold the prestige as the facility takes on a new role."

There will be an open house at Providence Point on October 1st

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