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Exam: A Teachable Moment Pt. 2, Common Core rewrite may not produce the best standards

Tim Lloyd
St. Louis Public Radio
Chaminade High School Theology Teacher Dan Stout leads a class discussion about empathy.

This week, we continue our series called A Teachable Moment, which looks at how issues related to Ferguson are being discussed in area classrooms. Later on in the show, we’ll hear how Missouri’s Common Core rewrite may not produce education standards that are very different from the current standards.

From pulpits to protests, a wide cross section of St. Louis' religious leaders have been deeply involved with demonstrations following the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown on August 9.


And as St. Louis Public Radio's Tim Lloyd tells us, for some teachers at religious schools in St. Louis, teaching Ferguson is a matter of faith.


Since September, parents, educators and business leaders have been working to try to rewrite the Common Core standards. Missouri first adopted Common Core in 2010 and is one of 45 states using the national standards for grades K-12.

So far, the committees in charge of rewriting Common Core have had meetings full of heated arguments and lots of confusion as they try to prepare a recommendation for the Board of Education by October 2015.

I spoke with Dr. Barbara Reys, Co-Director of the Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum at MU, about why these committees may not be able to make the best decisions about education in Missouri.

Hope Kirwan left KBIA in September 2015.
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