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Finalists for University of Missouri School Of Journalim New Dean to Visit Campus

Loyola University of New Orleans

The first of the four finalists for the University Of Missouri School Of Journalism’s new dean will be on campus today.

Gary Myers, Dean of the MU School of Law, was head of the search committee that created the list of finalists. None of the candidates have extensive experience working with newspapers, but three have worked in television. According to Myers, this was not the focus of the search.

“The candidates who emerged as finalists in this process do happen to have a fair amount of broadcast experience,” Myers said. “But, that was simply the result of the candidate winnowing process by the search committee.”

Although the candidates’ expertise is not in print journalism, Myers believes that they still have the proper knowledge.

“Each of the candidates does have some experience in their roles as journalism educators working with print publication,” Myers said. ‘So, they do have some background in that area as well.”

Myers says that the four finalists have a lot in common as strong candidates that came out of an extensive, far ranging search. 

“Each of them showed the ability to be effective fundraisers. Each of them have strong backgrounds in journalism education. Each of them have significant industry experience,” Myers said.

Sonya Forte Duhé is the only MU alumnus of the finalists and the first candidate to come to the campus.

Each candidate will participate in a question and answer session followed by an open forum. The dates and times of each of the candidates’ appearances can be found on the MU School of Journalism’s website.


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