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Missouri Military Academy Pilots Digital Textbook Program

Amazon.com, Inc.

  The Missouri Military Academy is moving towards a digital educational platform via the Kindle Paperwhite. Middle school classrooms have been operating with the new technology since December.

Middle School Director Edsel Baker said the pilot program allows teachers to quickly download new class material at any time, keeping the school curriculum up to date and timely.

Secondary books, or required class novels, can also be downloaded at a reduced price when bought from Amazon via the Kindle Paperwhite, keeping costs minimal for students, among other benefits.

“One interesting thing about our school is that we are 45 percent international, and so many students are ESL students – English Second Language,” said Assistant Vice Principle Christine Smith. “And the Kindle actually helps them with their English reading skills.”

The Kindle Paperwhite has speaking capabilities and a built-in dictionary. Smith said this allows international students to expand their English vocabulary by learning pronunciations and meanings of English words they do not know.

With the Missouri Military Academy being a boarding school, many students travel great distances during breaks and holidays. Amazon has a Kindle App, which is available for downloaded on numerous mediums, such as iPhones or tablets. Students can then access their class material from anywhere with just one device, making traveling with class material more convenient.

“Perhaps they’ll pull out this device in the future and think, ‘Hey, I have this novel I can read.’” Baker said. “Hopefully we’ll foster that kind of love and enjoyment of reading and they’ll take it to the next level sort of on their own.”

The pilot program will soon be evaluated, and could expand to other areas of the academy. 

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