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UM Curators Learn Next Steps in Search for UM System President

University of Missouri

The University of Missouri Board of Curators heard more about the process that will be used to select the next president of the UM System at its regular meeting Thursday. The session for the UM Presidential Search Committee was held at the Reynolds Alumni Center on the University of Missouri’s campus.

The committee discussed its plan to work towards finding a new UM System president. Although the process is still on-going, the Board of Curators and the search committee believe they are on track to finding the right prospect, but there’s still plenty to do.

“We’re only half-way through building this pool and probably a third of the way through this search, but so far, so good,” said Curator John Phillips.

Interim Vice President of Human Resources Kelley Stuck explained the plan for evaluating the candidates has three parts: a candidate rubric, a series of personal interviews conducted by the committee at a neutral site, and a second round of interviews when the pool is narrowed down.

The rubric will be used to evaluate the candidates to see if they match up with the standards the committee has built. The rubric is supposed to serve as a checklist which will provide the experiences the prospects give them on paper, and it will evaluate what the committee sees during their interviews.

“It provides a quantitative approach to the supplemental third piece of the pie which is the assessment later in the process,” said Stuck.

The rubric will be used in a 75 to 90 minute interview with each candidate. The interviews will be held by the committee in person at a neutral site to ensure that the candidates are confidential to the public.

“This kind of discipline can help lessen or minimize the impacts of our own biases, whether those are imaginary or explicit,” said Stuck.

The pool of candidates will then be narrowed when the committee meets and discusses the evaluations of each candidate. They will then conduct a second round of interviews before making a decision on the new UM System president.

“The intended outcome is to further narrow the candidate pool,” said Stuck. “At this point, the Issac’s and Miller team is continuing to develop the candidate pool. They will continue to bring us information and work more diligently to gain more awareness of the candidates that have been nominated into the pool.”

The Presidential Search Committee has not announced when the interview process would begin.

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