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Mizzou Slapped with NCAA Sanctions for Academic Integrity Violation

Nathan Lawrence

The NCAA is sanctioning the University of Missouri's football, softball and baseball teams after a tutor violated the organization's rules for academic conduct.

An NCAA report released Thursday says a tutor completed work — including homework assignments, quizzes and even an entire class — for a dozen University of Missouri student-athletes.

As a result, all three programs are getting three years of probation and a one-year postseason ban. This means the football team will not be eligible for a bowl game next school year.

The NCAA says these sanctions are consistent with the university's conduct.

"Academic integrity and unethical conduct strike at the heart of the core of the NCAA values," David Roberts, a member of the NCAA Committee on Infractions, said. "In this case, [given] the fact that both parties acknowledge the conduct occurred and brought the case before us, the association prescribes those penalties."

The NCAA has also imposed fines on the school — one percent of each program budget and $5,000 — and will be limiting each program's scholarships by five percent this coming year.

Nathan Lawrence is an editor, documentary filmmaker and data journalist.