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KBIA’s Health & Wealth Desk covers the economy and health of rural and underserved communities in Missouri and beyond. The team produces a weekly radio segment, as well as in-depth features and regular blog posts. The reporting desk is funded by a grant from the University of Missouri, and the Missouri Foundation for Health.Contact the Health & Wealth desk.

Intersection: Missouri: State of Obesity

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Obesity is the number one public health issue in Missouri – it affects more than 30% of adults and nearly one in seven children between the ages of ten and seventeen. But in order to solve the problem of obesity in Missouri, we need to first understand why it exists. Intersection host Ryan Famuliner leads the discussion of some of the physical, cultural, and even political events that have brought on what is considered by many to be a public health crisis in our state. 


Our guests Donna Mehrle with the University of Missouri Extension and Dr. AneeshTosh with the University of Missouri Health System discussed how obesity is influenced by social and cultural trends. We also talked to Chris Fulcher from the Center for Applied Research and Environmental Systems about how the physical environment can impact the health in a population.

This episode originally aired on November 24, 2014 on KBIA.

Katie Hiler is a former reporter for KBIA, who left at the end of 2014.
Ryan served as the KBIA News Director from February 2011 to September 2023
Austin Federa left KBIA in May of 2015.
Hope Kirwan left KBIA in September 2015.
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