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Do you have friends like you?

Madison Lawson and friend Noelle Hazel sit next to each other for the first time in June of 2019, in New York City. These fashion forward friends met on Instagram years ago, and have since spent hours together, FaceTiming from across the country.
Rebecca Smith

“Social media allows people that can’t necessarily always leave their homes to be social.”

In this episode, Madi addresses the isolation that can come from being the only person you know with a disability, or at least your disability, and about how social media can play a role in allowing folks to connect across the county and world.

Madi speaks with two of her best friends, Kayleen and Noelle. She met both of these women through social media, even though they live states apart. Madi adds that she considers Noelle her little sister – together they navigate the confusing world of boys, friendship, fashion advice and the barriers that having a disability can create for them. While there might not be a manual on how to deal with these things, for now, they are just happy to have each other.


Hosts: Madison Lawson, Rebecca Smith

Producer: Rebecca Smith

Supervising Producers: Aaron Hay, Rebecca Smith

Managing Editor: Ryan Famuliner

Online and Social: Nathan Lawrence