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Sound Bites: The Art Of Salad Making, Plus Sauce's Top 12 Picks Around Town

Styling by Joy Wiedner of Sauce Magazine.
Ashley Gieseking | Sauce Magazine
Styling by Joy Wiedner of Sauce Magazine.

St. Louis on the Air’s latest Sound Bites segment with Sauce Magazine explored how salads are indeed culinary staples that can withstand the vegan trends of 2019 and beyond. 

On Friday’s program, St. Louis Public Radio’s Jeremy D. Goodwin talked about how the magazine compiled its list of the 12 best salads foodies should try in the St. Louis area with Sauce’s art director, Meera Nagarajan, and Kevin Willmann, chef and owner of Farmhaus Restaurant

“Research like this tends to be fun in the beginning because like, we’ve done a pizza story for example [and] you feel pretty bad after doing research for a full-on pizza story, but for the salad story you feel super healthy – like a beacon of health,” Nagarajan said. 

The magazine’s list caters to a variety of distinctive palettes and doesn’t succumb to the standard “greens with ranch on it,” as Nagarajan put it. 

Among the salads that made it on the highlights was the Roasted Ozark Forest Mushroom Salad at Farmhaus, which has been offered for 10 years now. 

“It’s been a big hit. I do think that people come to the restaurant just for the salad; we get that all the time, and I think that’s pretty cool,” Willmann said. 

He added that “with people tending to look at their health more consciously than maybe they have in the past or just be[ing] more ambitious, [salads are] such a great playground for chefs to play.”

Listen to the full conversation: 

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