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Missouri House of Representatives adjourns Friday, day after Senate

After passing only 43 bills this year, the Missouri legislature adjourned the session. The House of Representatives ended their business Friday, following the Senate who called it a day earlier.

In a press conference after the final gavel banged, House Republicans touted a tax rebate, funding for children’s services, and the congressional redistricting maps as accomplishments.

The two chambers remained at odds as the session concluded. Republican Speaker of the House Rep. Rob Vescovo, R-Arnold, said the dysfunction in the Senate restricted what the GOP could accomplish this year.

“I think all of my colleagues are disappointed they adjourned. But let's be frank with each other. They haven't been working in cohesion with each other all session,” Vescovo said.

The legislature also passed a historic $49 million budget this year. House Minority Leader Rep. Crystal Quade, D-Springfield, said Democrats were most proud of the spending plan.

“I'm proud to say that the House Democrats, just on our amendments and the things we were working on alone, had over $105 million in the budget, which is record breaking for the minority party,” Quade said.

Senate gridlock and infighting took up most of the air in the room throughout the 4-month session. Quade said that worked to Democrats’ advantage as Senate dysfunction also sunk Republican bills the minority opposed.

Jana Rose Schleis is a M.A. student at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. She is studying investigative journalism and government reporting.