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True/False Sunday



'Drone' Panel-Forrest Theater

   The "Drone" panel discussion at True/False featured Director TonjeHessenSchei discussing how drone usage has redefined life for “presumed militants.”Schei explained the strategies that they used and the struggles they encountered creating a film that centered around a controversial topic.


'Field Niggas' -Forrest Theater


The “Field Niggas" panel discussion at True/False featured DirectoKhalik Allah discussing the challenges of filming a movie entirely in the dark while still trying to show the beauty and ruggedness of the region regardless of the poverty and homelessness.


 Weather draws festival attendees back to Columbia for this year’s True/False.



  Third time festivalgoer Donna Hanly says the weather has made this year’s festival the most enjoyable yet.


“Last year’s weather was the pits,”Hanly said. 


Hanly says this year’s True/False is extremely organized with excellent busking, booths and food.


Hanly is not the only person returning to this year’s festival. 


Wright State student, Brad Wickham, says this is his second time attending True/False with his school. 


“This is the second time I have been and I am definitely planning on coming back next year and the year after that. It is such a good fun festival and the films are outstanding,”Wickham said. 


Wickham says he came with two professors from Wright State that are also filmmakers.


"The films are always just really outstanding. The programming here is just really top-notch. You can walk into a feature and expect to get something out of it," Wickham said.


The last film showing at True/False is scheduled for 9 p.m. tonight.