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McAlester Park LLC Releases Details About Shakespeare's Project

Ryan Famuliner

  The developers looking to build a new multi-story building at Shakespeare’s downtown location in Columbia have released details about the construction project.

McAlester Park LLC Spokesman Jack Cardetti says the restaurant will remain on the first floor of the new building, but the next floor up will be office space, and then the floors above that will be apartments for students and “young professionals.”

While Cardetti didn’t say how many stories the apartment would be in all, he did say it would be less than 6.

Cardetti says the project is implementing what he says are the vast majority of the Downtown Community Improvement District’s design guidelines, which are voluntary.

Those guidelines cover everything from preserving views of historic buildings to what types of plants are appropriate for decoration.

Cardetti also said McAlester Park has signed Shakespeare’s to a 50 year lease.