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MU Statement Reaches Out to Students

Francis Quadrangle on the MU campus
Francis Quadrangle on the MU campus

The MU Counseling Center and Student Health Center will have more counselors available according to a statement from the MU Leadership that was released Wednesday. The statement regards the social media threats and racist events at the university this semester.

Christy Hutton, Assistant Director for Outreach and Prevention for the Counseling Center, says it is a stressful time and people may not know how to react. “Having some open dialogue even if it’s difficult dialogue, that is respectful, that’s a place where we can really start to grow and change and see our campus become more of a safe space,” she said.

The Counseling Center has counselors of color available, as well as a people of color support group that meets weekly. Counselors are making their presence known on campus, whether it be on the quad or in the student center.

Pam Roe, Communications & Marketing Director at the Student Health Center, emphasizes the importance of students seeking someone to talk to despite hesitation. "If you, or someone, a friend of yours, is contemplating the question, it's better to go speak with someone than not."

The Counseling and Health Center work hand in hand and both have contacts in the community. Both centers are available to all students and are covered in the student health fee.

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