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Potential Hayselton Drive Property Development to be Debated

Austin Hough

For the third time in six years, property developers in Jefferson City are looking to add seven new homes to a residential area off of Hayselton Drive. Also, for the third time again, residents in the area are voicing concerns over the project.

If the new plan is approved by the Jefferson City Planning and Zoning Commission at its meeting Thursday night, it would allow construction to begin on new homes in the 1600 block of Hayselton Drive, which is right near the Missouri River.

Some residents in the area, however, have been against these new plans, specifically the access point for the new homes. The connecting road that would be built to accommodate these homes would be built at a sharp corner of Hayselton Drive. Also, some residents say the new homes would attract more traffic and noise to the area, something some residents say they don’t want.

This is the third time that the property managers have tried to work on this land. In 2010, a plan passed the Planning and Zoning Commission before developers withdrew it due to resident’s concerns. They tried again in 2012, but ran into similar issues as they did in 2010.

Janice McMillan is the Director of Planning and Protection Services in Jefferson City, and she says that residents shouldn’t be too concerned over the new houses that would be built.

“The traffic that would be generated from seven new residential structures would be fairly minimal,” she said. “The street will be 25 feet wide, and provide sufficient access to those residential lots.”

The meeting starts at 5:15 Thursday night at City Hall.