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MU Offers Active Shooter Training Course

  The University of Missouri is offering students, staff and faculty a training course on how to respond to an active shooter on campus.

MUPD officers will offer a free training tonight educating people about the correct approach to incidents which may occur in a public area or within a school or workplace environment. The class will consist of a 90 minute classroom session, followed by a 4 hour hands-on practical segment at a later date.

Tim Oliver, owner of Learn to Carry LLC in Boone County, says preventative measures like active shooter courses or concealed carry permits on campus can help keep people safe. Oliver said “I think it does nothing but benefit them and make them safer. You look at all the violence’s happened on campus all the way from a murder in a parking garage a few years ago, to all the rapes, to all of that. And couple that with us lowering the age to get a concealed carry to 19. Well that’s right in the prime demographic of the student population in Missouri.”

The event will be on from 6-7:30pm tonight in the leadership auditorium at the MU Student Center. For more information on the event or to book a course of your own, contact Sargeant Jennifer Perry via phone or email.

Phone: 573-882-5925 
Email: Perryja@missouri.edu