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Columbia Police Does Not Plan To Change Procedures Following Gun Law


One officer said the Columbia Police Department won’t change its procedures much in response to Missouri’s new concealed carry regulations. Officer Jeff Forck spoke with local media an event Wednesday.

Missouri’s new regulations, which go into effect Jan. 1, will make it easier for Missourians to carry a concealed weapon.

Critics say police officers likely will need to assume anyone they come across is armed once the law goes into effect, which could impede their work. But Jeff Forck, an officer in the Columbia Police Department, said the law won’t change how Columbia police do their job.

“I’ve heard very little conversations at all about it at the department, it’s something we pretty well expect,” Forck said of coming across gun holders during police work. “Every time we go out there we expect there to be at least gun on every call, if not two. If not more.”

Forck pointed out how the new law would clear up some inconsistencies in the current system.

“Now, if I can carry [a gun] open and it’s cold outside and I take a jacket and I put a jacket on and conceal it, now I become a criminal.” Forck said.

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