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New Research Suggests Collision Avoidance Tech Can Prevent Accidents

University of Missouri College of Engineering

New research from MU suggests that modern tech gadgets can result in a reduced number of car crashes. It’s called “collision avoidance technology,” and can vary from eye tracking goggles to motion-capture dash cams.

The goal is to alert drivers when they’re following other cars too closely or drifting into other lanes. But researcher Jung Kim says that the effectiveness of collision avoidance tech added after the car is built can vary depending on which device is being used.

“Before we apply or implement new technology, we must test it," Kim said. "And then we can find which ones are good for the drivers and which others are not.”

The study indicated the implementation of these technologies did not result in added stress or distractions to the driver. Three out of four participants showed improved driving when using collision avoidance technology according to the College of Engineering. 

Kim and his research team began the study after a local insurance company approached them with questions on how to reduce the number of on-the-job car crashes.