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Global Journalist: North Korea's Nuclear Standoff

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Sixty-four years ago, a ceasefire brought a halt to the Korean War and left Korea divided.

But in recent weeks the frozen conflict on the Korean peninsula threatened to re-erupt over the North’s nuclear weapons program. President Trump threatened North Korea with “fire and fury” and the North’s Kim Jong Il countered with a plan to launch an “enveloping fire” of missiles towards the U.S. territory of Guam.

The showdown has tested the credibility of both leaders and raised anew the prospect of nuclear war in East Asia. On this edition of Global Journalist: a look at how such a war might come about and how a more stable peace could be achieved.


Joining the program: 

  • Ankit Panda, senior editor at The Diplomat magazine
  • Bruce Bennett, senior analyst at The Rand Corp.
  • Harry Kazianis, director of defense studies at the Center for the National Interest
  • Joshua Pollack, editor of The Nonproliferation Review at the Middlebury Institute for International Studies

Produced by Lauren Wortman

Jason left Global Journalist in 2019
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