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'Project Connection' Connects with People of Color at MU

Adam Procter

Two University of Missouri students of color have started an organization called “Project Connection.”

The organization is focused on fostering academic and professional success for freshmen and sophomore students of color at MU.

Kelsie Wilkins and Abas Pauti co-founded the organization which will provide mentorship, help with resumes and networking opportunities. Pauti said he wants to support students who might not feel supported.

“We as people who have had these types of positions before should act as a support system and a safety net for these students so that they could become a little more integrated,” said Pauti.

Wilkins hopes that by helping younger students, those students will then want to continue helping others. 

“It’s also on us, as students, it’s our job to help one another. You can’t get to where you’re going without help and helping other people,” said Wilkins.

Both Pauti and Wilkins expect the organization to start within the next couple of months and they hope it continues after they graduate next year.

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