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IRS Extends Tax Filing Deadline Due to Computer Problems

Taxes can be taxing for computers too. And, because of a computer problem that began early on tax day, the IRS is providing everyone an extra day to file their taxes.

People have taken advantage of that extra day. According to the IRS, 14 million people filed their taxes since the processing system reopened yesterday, around 5 p.m.

Jonathan Sessions is the owner of Gravity, an Apple Authorized Service Provider. He said processing data like tax returns takes up more space on a websites server.

 “The easy part is hosting the website, putting a photo on the internet on a single page that doesn’t take up a lot of processing power. It’s the background processes that use up a computers server and can cause it to go down or crash”

If you’re still one the millions of Americans who hasn’t paid their taxes. You still have a few more hours to file. The deadline is midnight tonight.