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Staff Shortage to Possibly Delay Trash Pickup Tuesday


A "significant and unexpected" staff shortage might cause a delay on trash pickup on Tuesday, according to a city news release.

Tuesday is considered the busiest day for trash pickup in the city, and the city prefers to have 26 employees working the day's routes, according to city spokeswoman Patricia Weisenfelder. 

The city only has 20 staff members working Tuesday's routes because of unfilled job positions for trash pickup, according to the city's job listings. Some employees are on vacation as well, Weisenfelder said.

City workers will work late to pick up all the trash of the affected route customers, according to the news release.

If recyclable materials cannot be collected, the city advises residents to leave the materials on the curb to be picked up later this week. 

There is no change expected for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday routes, according to the release.