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Boy Scouts of America Updates its Youth Protection Training Program

Boy Scouts of America is updating its Youth Protection Training in order to adapt to the new forms of danger that children often face. The program is a required training course for all volunteers, employees and staff involved with its youth nationwide. However, there are new frontiers in which children face adversity, particularly with bullying.

According to StopBullying.org, there is often a disconnect with how young people experience bullying and what adults see. Doug Callahan, executive director of mid-Missouri’s Great River Council, said the new training program highlights the way children may experience this harassment.

“Whether it be physical, mental, verbal and also on social media [forms of bullying],” said Callahan, “a whole new section on bullying was included in this protection training.”

Pack 58 leader Jon Mountain said one of the dangers of bullying is that it remains so undetectable.

“A lot of people don’t realize an attitude they have picked up during their lives somewhere can be perceived as bullying,” Mountain said.

An important part of the training is to recognize how impactful and influential words can be in young people’s lives. Staying aware of what bullying looks and feels like is key in helping children feel safe and comfortable Mountain said.