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Voter Registration for Missouri Voters Ends Wednesday

There is less than a month left until Missourians go to the polls to vote in the midterm elections, but only those who register can vote. Several groups in Columbia are pushing to get voters registered before the deadline.

Missouri voter registration ends Wednesday, October 10th by 5pm. Residents must submit a completed voter registration application in person or by mail to their local election authorities, or online at the Missouri Secretary of State’s website to vote on November 6th.

Daniel Serres is the president of the Association of Latin American Students at MU. His organization along with some others held an event Monday on campus to register students and teach those already registered voters how to cast their ballot.

”I was very proud and very excited to see how many came up to us and had questions and wanted us to answer these questions. I mean, I think that’s something we are seeing across the board, across the country and that’s very important,” he said. “We want people to be civically engaged and people to care about what happens in our country.”

He estimated around 60 students were registered at the event.