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Missouri Department of Conservation And Governor Parson Speak To Perserving Missouri's Environment

More than 150 people gathered in a Columbia conference center Monday morning to learn about the Missouri Department of Conservation’s new goals.

The MDC held its second annual MO Conservation Partners Roundtable event to educate its partners, students and other members of the audience about how its going to continue to preserve the nature of the state.

Director Sara Parker Pauley outlined MDC’s three new goals: to take care of nature, connect people with nature and maintain public trust.

Pauley said the best way to achieve these goals is to educate young people about the environment.

Our role in part is to ensure that they understand the important, the value of nature, but also to enjoy nature,” she said. “They are going to be the caretakers of the future.”

Governor Parson spoke to the crowd to kick start his tour around the state for “Infrastructure Week.” He said it is important to look at the infrastructure the state has and to preserve the nature around it so future generations can enjoy the outdoors like he did as a kid.

Both Governor Parson and Pauley said educating the next generation is the best thing to do to ensure the MDC’s goals are met.

“They are going to be the generation that has to continue to solve the problems of water quality, air quality and green space and ensuring we have healthy and abundant fish and wildlife,” Pauley said. “I mean, they are going to be the caretakers of the future.”