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New Abortion Bill Prompts Discussion

Missouri House Communications

A new abortion bill sparked its second day of discussion Wednesday.


Currently, Missouri law requires minors to provide written consent from one of their parents prior to receiving an abortion. The proposed legislation would keep the current law and additionally require the consenting parent to inform their counterpart in writing.

Opponents shared their concern that the legislative language fails to protect minors from court involvement in cases of parental abuse. Dr. Amy Addante argued it harms the people it intends to help.

“This legislation will only delay care and create additional social and financial burdens for minors with limited resources," Addante said.

She recommended the legislature instead take action to support youth reproductive care in a different way. 

“I ask the legislature instead to invest their time and resources in legislation that will help my patients such as comprehensive sex education," she said.

The bill has been heard by the legislature multiple times in the past. Rep. Rocky Miller, R-Lake Ozark, is the bill’s sponsor in the House. He hopes this is the year it finally gains traction.