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Mystery Medical Costs, High Drug Prices Targeted By State Lawmakers

Lawmakers are looking into what the state can do to address the high cost of health care as they prepare for the 2020 legislative session, including making the cost of care more transparent and examining drug prices.

House members held a hearing Wednesday to discuss ways to help Missourians get more information on what medical procedures will cost before choosing a provider. A major theme of the hearing of the House Healthcare Reform Committee was that people struggle to know the real costs of their health care until after their bills come in the mail.

“The cost is ultimately the problem in this debate,” Rep. Steve Helms, R-Springfield said. “Not all networks are driven around saving me money.”

It becomes even more confusing when trying to compare the costs between different hospitals and physicians. While one hospital could charge a certain amount for any given service, another hospital right down the street can charge twice as much.

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