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17 Total Lawsuits Filed Against BioJoint Center at Missouri

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Four more people who received knee-replacement surgery at the Mizzou BioJoint Center say in lawsuits filed this week that their surgeries failed.

Including the lawsuits filed Monday, 17 people have sued the center at University of Missouri Health over their procedures.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reports BioJoint surgeries to treat osteoarthritis in the knee harvest patient stem cells to seed to bone surfaces on a graft of bone tissue and cartilage taken from a cadaver.

All 17 plaintiffs allege the procedure failed.

Missouri Healthcare spokeswoman Jesslyn Chew said the university supported the Biojoint team. She said patients are given extensive information about the benefits and risks of the surgeries.

A trial date is pending in the original case and attorneys have not sought to combine the lawsuits.