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Joe Biden Sets St. Louis and Kansas City Campaign Visits This Saturday

Voting sign outside polling place.
Nathan Lawrence / KBIA

Presidential candidate Joe Biden is coming to Missouri.

Biden’s Missouri campaign director Will McIntee told campaign volunteers that the Delaware senator will visit St. Louis and Kansas City this Saturday.

The former vice president has emerged as the Democrat’s key moderate contender after Senator Amy Klobuchar and Mayor Pete Buttigieg dropped out last weekend. Buttigieg and Klobuchar endorsed Biden Monday night. Biden WON primaries in eight of the 11 states counted on Super Tuesday.

Some Missouri voters believe he will have success because of his ability to build relationships with colleagues who don’t share his views.

Biden volunteer Kevin O’ Malley said his ability to cooperate with Democratic and Republican colleagues is essential for today’s political climate.

“I think we’ve gotten to a point where we can’t compromise on reasonable differences,” he said. “And as a result of that our country is weaker and we are at a more dangerous position.”

Some voters are supporting the former vice president partially because Senator Bernie Sanders’ presence at the top of the Democratic ticket could scare voters from voting for Democrats in other electable positions.

State Rep. LaDonna Applebaum said Sanders’ far-left leaning views representing the top of the Democratic ticket could hurt other candidates, such as governor candidate Nicole Galloway.

“I personally like Senator Sanders,” she said. “But there are people that are a little bit more conservative than I am and I think it scares them.”

Missouri’s state primary is March 10.